Exposition Review, Vol. VIII: “Lines” Launch

Exposition Review is thrilled to share our latest issue, Vol. VIII: “Lines”!

This edition explores connection. Between parents and children, artists and fans, friends and lovers, robots and humans. To one’s city and across borders. Via humor and through grief. The lines within this issue are both physical and metaphorical, and throughout—like on our cover specially designed by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin—illustrate the moments when art intersects reality, when we scrawl over the way the world appears and redesign what is into what could be.

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AWP Panel Recap: Meant to Last: Maintaining Longevity as an Independent Lit Journal

It was Thursday morning, the first full day of #AWP2023 in Seattle, and the conference was already buzzing with the hunt for coffee, frantic connections to the Wi-Fi, and the excitement of tote bags at check-in. Expo’s panel, “Meant to Last: Maintaining Longevity as an Independent Lit Journal,” was a part of the first block of panels bright and early at 9 a.m. This would be our second time with a featured panel at AWP, our first taking place in San Antonio back in 2020 (find that recap here).

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Exposition Review, Vol VII: “Flux” Launch

Lorna Simpson, “Ice 13,” 2018. Ink and screenprint on gessoed fiberglass, 108 x 96 x 1 3/8 inches. © Lorna Simpson. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: James Wang

Exposition Review is thrilled to share our latest issue, Vol. VII: “Flux”! This edition captures moments of change—gradual and sudden, subtle and profound, intensely personal and immensely public. Yet time still flows, carrying readers with it through the stages of life, through relationships, through grief, and through art.

The poetry, prose, scripts, and images within these pages play off these themes and each other, speaking to us individually but also talking to each other. As you explore this issue, you’ll find those reverberations within sections, echoes across genres, and perhaps, as we did, resonances in your own life.

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Expo Presents: Transposition, The Literary Podcast—Season Two

If season one of our Transposition podcast was about sharing the voices of our contributors at a time when so many venues were silenced, season two was about inviting others in. We added Mitchell Evenson as an associate producer, and he created our new theme music and helped shape the season. We brought on more guests to expand and deepen the context of our content. We interviewed our first visual artist on the podcast, Zoe Walsh. With all of these new additions, we found a common theme.

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Expo, Erased: Read New Versions of Our Letters from the Editors

Currently in the throes of putting together our seventh annual issue, “Flux,” we can’t help but look back at all that’s come before. We’ve been able to do so with fresh eyes over the past few months thanks to the creativity and industry of our intern Rachel Alarcio, who’s produced a series of erasure poems based on our past letters from the editors. This project, which we’ll be rolling out across our social media channels leading up to the launch of “Flux,” got to the heart of our ambitions and aspirations for Expo in a vibrant new form.

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Recap: Our Digital Stories Vol. 8 with Exposition Review

Our Digital Stories

Our Digital Stories (ODS) is a group of writers, directors, and performers who during the pandemic created a new form of storytelling set in and created within the digital world. Using video conferences, phone calls, and text messages as settings, they call this hybrid between a short play and a short film “Digital Stories.”

After kicking off our first Flash 405 contest of the 2021 season with the theme “Your Digital Stories,” ODS brought the three winning scripts to life for Volume 8 this summer!

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Exposition Review, Vol VI: “Hunger” Launch and Skylight Books Crowdcast Reading

Exposition Review is so proud to announce our latest issue has launched, Vol. VI: “Hunger”! This issue asks the reader what they hunger for, what drives them, what it feels like to need something with a deep, unrelenting desire.

With exciting work from emerging and established authors across genres, including pieces published from WriteGirl mentees and alumni, DREAMing Out Loud writers, and past Lambda Literary and PEN Emerging Voices Fellows, “Hunger” is one of our most gut-punching issues to date.

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Recap: ‘Share Your Voice!’ Workshop Goes Bicoastal

If there’s a silver lining to the pandemic that has kept Exposition Review from gathering in person as a staff and for events, it’s that we’ve found new ways to connect that have expanded our community like never before.

For the second year in a row, our “Share Your Voice!” publishing workshop was held online, enabling our editors not only to log on from as far away as San Francisco, Chicago, and Arkansas, but to invite participants from both coasts. This year the event we’ve held for several years for WriteGirl teens and alums in Los Angeles was joined by students from PEN America’s DREAMing Out Loud program in New York, too.

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Composition: ‘Rearview’ Chapbook Now Available

We are overjoyed to announce the launch of Composition: Rearview, a chapbook of selected poetry and nonfiction works from our past Flash 405 contests. Leo Smith, Chapbook Editor, curated this collection in celebration of former Flash 405 finalists and the work that Exposition Review publishes. While this chapbook centers its content around various types of relationships, future iterations of Composition will explore other themes and genres. The art of composition felt necessary to include in our title—reconstructing pieces to form a new, full body of work has been an experimental and rewarding process.

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Transposition: A Very Special Episode on Literary Identity and Responsibility

2020 was the Year of Online Expansion for Exposition Review. When faced with a global pandemic, we took our WriteGirl workshop online, launched our Act/Break issue online, and kicked off our own literary podcast, Transposition. Host and Stage & Screen editor Laura Rensing brought us six episodes of readings, conversation, and craft. We’re already hard at work on Season 2!

But maybe you need something in between the seasons—something a little outside the norm. Well, you’re in luck, because here to scratch that itch is co-editor and previous podcast host Mellinda Hensley with a special, between-the-seasons episode of Transposition.

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