Vol. VII: “Flux”


Vol. VII: “Flux” captures moments of change—gradual and sudden, subtle and profound, intensely personal and immensely public. Yet time still flows, carrying readers with it through the stages of life, through relationships, through grief, and through art. The poetry, prose, scripts, and images within these pages play off these themes and each other, speaking to us individually but also talking to each other. As you explore this issue, you’ll find those reverberations within sections, echoes across genres, and perhaps, as we did, resonances in your own life.

Vol. VII: Flux

Letter from the Editors


Rule of Thumb: Discard Everything by Laura Freudig
It’s Daphne by Sara Landers
Holler General by Mandy Shunnarah
Little Star by Bernard Steeds
The Dance by Kylee Webb

Flash Fiction

Rings by Carolyn Oliver
A Different Kind of Smoke by Cathy Ulrich
Unstable Relationship by Lucy Zhang


Her Hypothetical by Jodi Scott Elliott
Psychological Thriller by Charles Jensen
The Ambush by Achiro Patricia Olwoch※※
Papi and I Have the Same Eyebrows by Tania Perez Osuna


Touching Myself While Pregnant by Marianne Chan
If I keep saying flowers in enough poems, I wonder if they’ll ever finally bloom by jason b crawford
Ballet Is Never Enough by Lynda V. E. Crawford
Unrequited by Stephanie Kaylor
tectonic by Alejandra Medina
Metamorphosis by Stella Reed
Stasha by Stella Reed

Stage & Screen

Words to That Effect by F. J. Hartland
The Vault by Uma Incrocci
MaryAnne Pataki, of Allegheny County, Fits Inside a Box Now by Alec Silberblatt

Experimental Narratives

What Are You Looking For? by Zachary Guerra
Edible Letters by Kathryn Stam

Visual Art & Comics

I Keep Looking for You by ARTARIANICA
Untitled Series by Dmitry Borshch
Selected Photographs by Roger Camp
Selected Comics by Meg Reynolds
Not Made to Last by Rebekah Scotland
Selected Works by Lorna Simpson


Scene Study by Nate Hapke
Malinchista by Flora Rees-Arredondo


An Interview with Justin Chang


WriteGirl Contributor
※※DREAMing Out Loud Contributor