Vol. VI: “Hunger”


Vol. VI: “Hunger” confronts the question of what is essential and explores the core idea of need driven by a deep and unrelenting desire. An ache to satiate or itch to scratch — something that we often give ourselves to. These works show how hunger often defines our narratives, cropping up between the lines of stories, poems, artwork, and beyond. Perhaps all of us are craving some form of the same necessity. In the same way we found connection to these works, we hope this issue touches some hungry spot in you, too.

Vol. VI: Hunger

Letter from the Editors


Keeper by K-Ming Chang
The Difference Between a Goose and a Swan by Chris Clements
The Case of Middle Age by Jennifer A. Howard
April Is a Fruitful Month by Andy Marlowe
Símone by Jory Pomeranz
The Play Place by Eugene Schacht


to the brown nippled girls and the daughters of immigrant fathers by Sofía Aguilar
Savoring by Victoria Buitron
Beware of the Boys by Natalie Mislang Mann


when Black people say, ‘Imma pray for you,’ that is the prayer by Ashia Ajani
worthy to be sung by Levi Bentley
Longing by Lawrence Bridges
A 6 Month Follow Up Visit Opens My Mouth in Anguish by Rocio Franco
Lone Tick Star by David Higdon
exhibición: polilla en pandemia by Viva Padilla
Dominos by Audrey Sioeng
Sweet Tooth by Claire Van Winkle
Dear Family In America, by Nick Zelle

Stage & Screen

Violins by Jonathan Kravetz
Making Friends Remotely by Dave Osmundsen
Leo and Friends by Amalia Oliva Rojas※※

Experimental Narratives

TABSS: Teacher Assessment of Burnout and Survival Skills by Mary-Pat Buss
My Name Is Sami by Daniela Lucato
Counting the Stains on Our Button-Down Long-Sleeve Shirt by Cole Pragides

Visual Art & Comics

The Hungry by Emily Altman
Selected Comics by Belle (Bom) Kim
Disintegral by Emily Rankin
Selected Artwork by Alli Smith
The Peripheries of Love by Zoe Walsh


An Interview with Natashia Deón


WriteGirl Contributor
※※DREAMing Out Loud Contributor