Exposition Review Vol. I: Vol. I: “IX Lives”

Vol. I of Exposition Review is now available!

“IX Lives” is a study in identity; it’s how we change as we grow and learn about the world, the skins we shed or cling to when we transition through the phases of our lives. Whether exploring the human condition, taking a leap into the unknown, or tapping into the supernatural, “IX Lives” encompasses the power we have in ourselves to take control of our destiny and take on a new shape.

Vol. I: “IX Lives” features work by Claudia Rankine, Sonia Greenfield, Hafeez Lakhani, Stephanie Abraham, Ace Boggess, William Deverell, visuals by Frances Stark, and more.

We celebrated the release of our first issue as Exposition Review with readings and festivities at an AWP Offsite Event at Hennessey + Ingalls’s new Downtown Los Angeles Arts District location and at the AWP Book Fair.

You can read the full issue online here.



Flash 405 is currently CLOSED.

Flash 405 is Exposition Review‘s multi-genre shortform writing competition. Submissions open every other month outside our regular submission period (September-December). Our next round will open on June 4! In the meantime, read the winners of our April round (“Fault”), and February round (guest judged by poet Amy Gerstler)!


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