Vol. VIII: “Lines”


Vol. VIII: “Lines” explores connection. Between parents and children, artists and fans, friends and lovers, robots and humans. To one’s city and across borders. Via humor and through grief. The lines within this issue are both physical and metaphorical, and throughout—like on our cover specially designed by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin—illustrate the moments when art intersects reality, when we scrawl over the way the world appears and redesign what is into what could be.

Vol. VIII: “Lines”

Letter from the Editors


Theseus by Ishan Dylan
Sidewalks by Sasha Hom
Lift and Carry by Leslie Maslow
In the Morning, I Hear Singing… by Lio Min
The Wobble by Max Tachis

Flash Fiction

Our Mothers by L Mari Harris
Lord of the Fireflies by LaVie Saad


Perfect Dark by Lisa Eve Cheby
first love by Vanessa Flandorp Tlachi※※
Glass by Keegan Lawler
The Recruit by Angela Miyuki Mackintosh


The Movies, 2021 by Paige Ackerson-Kiely
Praise Song for the Cow Loose on Route 16 Going the Right Way by James King
September by Renée Lepreau
These Tenuous Things by Cassie McDaniel
SYNERGY, a golden shovel by tangie mitchell
This Is Not Our Star by Margaret Saigh
First Generation by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

Stage & Screen

A Park for Children to Pretend In by Vincent Terrell Durham
The Needy by Zac Thompson

Experimental Narratives

I Pencil Grieving You Into My Planner by Bree Bailey
At Twelve Years Old, I Draft a New Custody Agreement by Ariel M. Goldenthal
Very-Smart™ Lyrics: ‘Crazy Paving’ by Rutherford Bee Haze by Zac Picker

Visual Art & Comics

Along L.A.: A Curated Collection of Visual Art by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin
Selected Comics by Frega DiPerri
Habits and/or Vices by Kristen Huizar
Poetry Comics by David Lasky
Selected Photographs by Edwin Perez Osuna
Deconstructing the Deconstructed by Mirka Walter


Obit by Geetha Reddy & Brian Tolle


An Interview with Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin


WriteGirl Contributor
※※DREAMing Out Loud Contributor