Vol. IV: “Wonder”


Vol. IV: “Wonder” brings to light all the myriad emotions inspired by nature: from the dark depths of human nature to the ephemeral beauty of the natural world. These pieces provoke awe and linger with mystery, and will leave you thinking about them long after you’re done reading.

Vol. IV: “Wonder”

Letter from the Editors


Little Planet by Zachary Eller
Bones by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick
The Superhero Way by T.S. McAdams*
Which People Void of Feeling Need Not Read by Rebecca Orchard
Don’t Waste Your Prayers, Saints Are Bad Listeners by Megan E. O’Toole*
The Snowman by Bernard Steeds


Élan Prequel to Murder by Stephanie Dickinson
June 2000 Blackout by Jean Jackman
Church Day by Amie McGraham
Kokoro Yasume by Mia Nakaji Monnier*


Shuffled Playlist on Young Love (Not Spotify Premium because we’re too poor for that) by Rayne Alarcio
Chamber by Rhiannon Conley
Walking Poem by Jan Harris
Descent by Mitchell Nobis
To a Small Copper Butterfly by Peter Marcus
Meantime by Katrinka Moore*
Zoloft: TWO WEEKS: Cold Turkey by Matt Morgan
Justice Favors Fortune by Kes Nave
self-portrait as alice in wonderland by Esther Ra††
Materialism, Exhibit 43: Woodpecker and Ash Borer by Jessica Reed*
Raptor by Hilary Sallick

Stage & Screen

DIANE vs. DIANE vs. DIANE by Matt DeNoto
A Place by the Fire by Charles Duffie
Anna Considers a Cocktail by Ruben Grijalva

Experimental Narratives

I sat there by Fateme Banishoeib
Bic and Gumby by Trinie Dalton
What Happened to the Sky by Rebecca Durham
On Light and Leaving by L.I. Henley & Laura Maher
Heresies by Madronna Holden & David Wolfersberger

Visual Art & Comics

Tiled by Emma Arkel
Fauxrest by Doug Fogelson
Humanimals by Lauren Carly Shaw
Rendezvous City by Arturo Stanig


An Interview with Jeffrey Lo


WriteGirl Contributor
*Pushcart Prize Nominee
†Best of the Net Nominee
††Best of the Net Finalist