by Katrinka Moore



Who knows what people believe
Uncertain landscapes shift

overlap     Relics of a past
that may not have happened

I think we’re in a meantime     neither
beginning nor end

Between earth and sky     ever-
cycling despair and hope

That porous border where
self touches outside

wild like a full-leaved tree
grown from a seed     lucky

enough to have landed
in an auspicious site       lucky

in the weather
the sunlight



Katrinka Moore’s latest book is Wayfarers (Pelekinesis, 2018). Her previous books are Numa, Thief, and This is Not a Story, winner of the New Women’s Voices prize. Recent work appears in Otoliths, Woven Tale, SWWIM, and in the anthology Weaving the Terrain: 100-Word Southwestern Poems, published by Dos Gatos Press. She lives in New York City and Manor Kill, NY.

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