by Madronna Holden and David Wolfersberger

Visual Art & Poetry


sunset storm west eugene


You and I, painter,
are full of heresies
unbuckling the rough
belt of reality.

With your luminous
heresies of color,
you curl the clouds
furious with passion,
bringing their blush
to your orange climax.

Thus your storm invites us
to dream with it—to become
intimate enough with moist things
to take up residence in a raindrop
before and after it finds the great sea.

To dive into a spear of grass
so as to become one of the
unnumbered things of this world.



Madronna Holden is a folklorist and storyteller who is recently retired from university teaching and concentrating on her poetry, which in the past few months has appeared or is slated to appear in ten literary journal. The community production of Her full length poetry-drama, The Descent of Inanna, was the subject of a special aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting. (

Painting and David Wolfersberger are summer friends, seen walking the land as they feel and remember it and want it to be again, before fences, where people care for the earth and each other. (

More of Madronna Holden and David Wolfersberger’s joint painting/poem pieces have appeared in About Place and Leaping Clear and are forthcoming in Equinox and Cold Mountain Review.

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