Shuffled Playlist on Young Love (Not Spotify Premium because we’re too poor for that)

by Rachel Alarcio



Vibrato, legato, tremolo. Keyboard karaoke; Jukebox of Youth. Wish to be: Someone to You. You Make Me Smile, so Kiss Mebeneath Vanilla Twilight. Shut Up and Dance beneath Griffith Park stars, carve Toi + Moi. Kick Jansport knockoffs curbside. Fluorescent lamps blink awake. Metro maps strewn along sidewalks. We’re Sixpence None The Richer. Two teens, too broke for Netflix. So chill, strum my G string; Sing! Take Me Out, after 3:07 rings.



Rachel Alarcio lives in Los Angeles, where she is a senior at John Marshall High School. She is a proud mentee of WriteGirl, where she has honed her craft since her freshman year. Rachel also enjoys creative writing, guitar, and photography.

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