Vol. III: “Orbit”


Vol. III: “Orbit” is an exploration of possibility. It’s all the inner fear and outer friction we face when we embark on a new adventure or circle back to confront old demons. It’s also all the hope we carry with us each time we reach outside ourselves, seeking spaces to grow, to belong, to be free. Here you’ll find work that is visual and visceral—as familiar as it is alien. Fall into “Orbit,” and the forces of nature found within.

Vol. III: “Orbit”

Letter from the Editors


Of What Fred Dreamed by Jason S. Dennis
The Belonger by Brian Howlett
Sweet Sand by Sasanka Jinadasa*
A Gaia Man Survival Guide by Jack Kirne
The Impermanent Scar by Cira Davis
Numbers by Drew Shinozaki


Observatory Drive by Glenn Deutsch
Everything I Could Dump into a Prologue by Angela Santillo*
The Rabbit Died by Sherry Shahan
When Daughters Float out of Orb by Renee Winter


Ghost Interview in the Peach Orchard by Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo*
Little Sisters of the Poor by Jessica Beyer*
Prominence by Edwin Bodney
Unmaking a Bed by Tresha Haefner
Uncertainty Principle by Yessica Klein
Rapunzel by Ronald Koertge
Warsaw by Leon Lowder
LinkedIn by Fran Markover
Atlantis Rising by Larry Pike
Before I Knew What Mania Was by Jen Sage-Robison*

Stage & Screen

Waiting for You by Orit Ackerman
Chez Rikers by Charles Leipart
Hitch by James McLindon
Abby Dreams of Humans by Michelle Sarkany

Experimental Narratives

Orbiting the Sun by Janet Kaplan
Après le Blob by Mark Stein

Visual Art & Comics

Reverberations by Val Britton
Lorikeet Lodge by Melanie Cook
Progression by Krystal Meldrum
Transitory Space by Leah Oates


An Interview with Edwin Bodney


WriteGirl Contributor
*Pushcart Prize Nominee
†Best of the Net Nominee