Uncertainty Principle

by Yessica Klein


the problem with teleportation
is not the transport of matter
across space in a very

short period of time.
it is the re-assembly of
said matter in new space.

no matter is actually moved
but copied over & the original
destroyed. a debate

about cloning, ethics,
accuracy, pain, energy,
atoms, errors —

engineering is problematic,
not Physics.

dear lover,
I urge you
we give it a try.



Yessica Klein is a writer, translator, and artist current living in Liverpool, U.K. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University, and her writing has been featured in SALT magazine (U.K.), elsewhere journal (Germany), Don’t Touch My Moleskine (Brazil), and many others. She was shortlisted for the 2017 Jane Martin Poetry Prize.

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