Flash 405: 2016 Issue


Flash 405 was created as an expansion of Exposition Review’s multi-genre spirit, to engage writers and readers outside our regular submission season, and as an opportunity to read some really great flash. In our first year, we held five contests with five diverse themes, resulting in a beautiful range of winning pieces that we were honored to publish on our site. To further celebrate these award-winning works, we’ve collected them together in our Flash 405: 2016 Issue.

Read online or download the issue below; you can find out about our current Flash 405 contest here.


Flash 405: 2016 Issue

Flash 405 Contest Rules


November 2015: “Roots”

Abigail Mitchell
About the Theme | Judge’s Comments

1st Place: Ma by Mike Yim (Poetry)
2nd Place: Nothing Looks as Empty as the Chair You’re Not Sitting In by Amy Rossi (Nonfiction)

Honorable Mention:
Night Shift by Raj Ramaswamy (Fiction)
In the Low Light of the Evening by Nina Mamikunian (Fiction)
Patterns by Nicholas Gustavson (Fiction)


February 2016: “Six Themes”

Guest Judge:
Amy Gerstler
About the Theme | Judge’s Comments

1st Place: Abyss by Michael Sarabia (Fiction)
2nd Place: The Giggle by Lisa Beebe (Fiction)

Honorable Mention:
After Dad’s Funeral, I Look Up My Childhood Home on Google Streetview by Kayleigh Shoen (Fiction)


April 2016: “Fault”

Mellinda Hensley
About the Theme | Judge’s Comments

1st Place: Drowning by M.A. Jay (Nonfiction)
2nd Place: Rubble by L.M. Wetzork (Stageplay)

Honorable Mention:
NeverWet by Randall Brown (Fiction)


June 2016: “Metamorphosis”

Guest Judge:
Judith Freeman
About the Theme | Judge’s Comments

1st Place: Thrift Store China by Melissa Secola (Nonfiction)
2nd Place: When He Lived With Us by Olivia Parkes (Fiction)

Honorable Mention:
Tips for Top Surgery by Sam Brighton (Nonfiction)
unfolded by Chad V. Broughman (Fiction)


August 2016: “Connect”

Annlee Ellingson
About the Theme | Judge’s Comments

1st Place: Brothers by Mary Wysong-Haeri (Fiction)
2nd Place: Lines by Lisa Renee (Poetry)

Honorable Mention:
As the Ceiling Flew Away by Genelle Chaconas (Fiction)
Ascent, Descent by Shane Cubis (Fiction)
Wrong Number by John Durham (Fiction)
Ten Cent Beer Night by Matthew Fiander (Fiction)
Mermaid by Joyce Li (Nonfiction)