Vol. II: “Surface”


Vol. II: “Surface” is all about perspective. Full of unique voices and blending genres, this issue is a close examination of the superficial and the sublime, of the hidden depths and delicate tensions inherent to the human experience. Together, the works presented in “Surface” take us through the looking glass, on a journey to unusual places and liminal spaces—a journey we’re looking forward to making again and again.


Vol. II: “Surface”

Letter from the Editors


The Blind Fisherman by Aimee Bender*
Spring Ice by Laura Bonazzoli
Cathy by Christina Craigo
Courageous by David Crist
Zenith, Missouri by Angela He
Follicular Rivalry by Robert Kerbeck**
Yallaha Dreams by Ashley Roque
Dress-Up Is a Wishful Game by Phoebe Yeoh


Artifacts by Maryann Aita
Merda di Scrittrice by Melanie Kachadoorian*


In Darkness with the Ramirez Sisters by Alessandra R. Castellanos
500 Days: Prelude by Iris Jamahl Dunkle
My Way To Respire by Vivian Enriquez
Storm-Light by Rob Griffith*
Why I Shouldn’t Have Read My Daughter the Shining by Rob Griffith
Everything Must Go by Brad Johnson
Distances by Konstantin Kulakov
there are two worlds by Jack Liskin
L.A. Three Way by Michael McLaughlin
Fine Fellows by MK Punky*
Jar by Woody Woodger

Stage & Screen

The Newlywed by Lena Ford
Forced Position by Arthur Keng
All That We See or Seem by Jonathan Kuhn

Experimental Narratives

Last Chance by Gwen Goodkin
The Critique & Critical Appraisal by William Powhida

Visual Art & Comics

Heaven on Earth by Shirin Abedinirad
GALAXYS FOR HIRE by Shawn DePasquale, Sherard Jackson, & Whitney Cook
Speculations by Sarah Meyohas
Selected photographs by Nicholas J.J. Smith
Topography by Deborah Stevenson


Podcast – Two Writers Walk Into A Bar, Episode 1: David L. Ulin


WriteGirl Contributor
*Pushcart Prize Nominee
**Pushcart Prize Finalist