Flash 405, April 2017: “Shangri-La” Winners


When we opened submissions for our April Flash 405 round, we didn’t think guest judge Trinie Dalton’s theme, “Shangri-La,” could get any more relevant. And yet, it’s become more necessary than ever to persist against the “grim political carnival” we now face, one that seems to double-down on its absurdity with every passing day.

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Flash 405, February 2017, “Monster” Winners


For our first Flash 405 contest of 2017, judge and Expo editor Lauren Gorski asked for short form narratives that explored “the abnormal, deviations from the acceptable, the outsiders”—and you delivered, with a “monster” number of submissions! From February 4 to March 5, we broke another Flash 405 record for most entries, receiving almost 100 submissions!

Among these entries were stories that scared us, thrilled us, and softened us to the gentle monster within. Lauren wanted “the emotion of Quasimodo compacted to 405 words. The violence of Grendel in 4-5 lines. The conviction of John Proctor in 4-5 pages.” We think she got it. The winners that emerged were able to deftly weave emotion, ugliness, and horror to create very human, but no less memorable monsters. Read on to discover them for yourself!

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Flash 405, June 2016: “Metamorphosis” Winners


From June 4 to July 5, we received an amazing number of entries for our Flash 405 contest (our largest yet!). They spanned every genre: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, stage, and screen. Some stories even blurred the boundaries of genre—fitting, given this month’s theme of “Metamorphosis,” chosen by guest judge and acclaimed novelist, critic, and essayist Judith Freeman.

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Flash 405, April 2016: “Fault” Winners


Exposition Review had a great #AWP16–we launched Vol I: “IX Lives,” met some amazing writers, and heard some amazing work–and we wanted more. That’s why just a day after the conference ended, we opened submissions for our next round of Flash 405. Our chosen theme for this round was “Fault.” Judge Mellinda Hensley invited writers to think about rifts, blame, and brokenness–those tenuous moments that make us hold our breath.

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Flash 405, February 2016: Amy Gerstler’s “Six Themes” Winners

We are still pinching ourselves that the amazingly-talented writer Amy Gerstler was the guest judge for our February Flash 405 competition. This award-winning poet offered six mix-and-match themes for our writers: altered states, lost, disorder, feast, fellow creatures, and tattoo. She prompted contestants to pick one, incorporate all six, or take inspiration from a selection.

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