Transposition: A Very Special Episode on Literary Identity and Responsibility

2020 was the Year of Online Expansion for Exposition Review. When faced with a global pandemic, we took our WriteGirl workshop online, launched our Act/Break issue online, and kicked off our own literary podcast, Transposition. Host and Stage & Screen editor Laura Rensing brought us six episodes of readings, conversation, and craft. We’re already hard at work on Season 2!

But maybe you need something in between the seasons—something a little outside the norm. Well, you’re in luck, because here to scratch that itch is co-editor and previous podcast host Mellinda Hensley with a special, between-the-seasons episode of Transposition.

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Call for Entries: Flash 405, February 2021: “Your Digital Stories”

We’re back for another year of Flash 405, and kicking off 2021 with a twist! Our February contest is a collaboration with one of our favorite creative orgs to come out of the pandemic: OUR DIGITAL STORIES!

Entries will be accepted from Feb 4–Mar 5, 2021 via Submittable.  You can read the full rules and find past contests and winners here, but note the rules (and prizes!) for this round are a bit different.

Read on to learn more about this month’s contest:

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… “Act/Break” Literary Nominations

At Exposition Review, our mission is to create more opportunities for our ever-growing community of talented, diverse writers and artists to share their voices and grow their platform. This is why, every year, we submit some of our strongest published work for a variety of prestigious literary awards and anthologies. To kick off the holiday season, we are proud to present our nominees from our “Act/Break” issue for the following awards:
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Help These Orgs During #GivingTuesday 2020!

Writing might seem like a solitary activity, but there is a vibrant community behind it all. From providing a platform for new voices to supporting food scarcity, these organizations specifically help writers and art-makers of all ages, experiences, and incomes. In honor of #GivingTuesday, we’re waiving our submissions fees so you can donate your money to your favorite organizations. If you’re looking for suggestions, some of ours are listed below. If monetary donations aren’t currently something for you, a few of these orgs offer multiple ways to give back or get involved. Who knows, maybe you can find your next volunteer opportunity for 2021!

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Recap: Expo Presents “Unlocking L.A.: Creativity in the Time of Coronavirus” at Lit Crawl L.A.

Lit Crawl L.A., like so many events in 2020, looked a little different this year. Though we couldn’t get together in person to celebrate Los Angeles’ literary scene, we gathered online thanks to the Los Angeles Public Library, who hosted a livestream reading via Youtube and Facebook Live on October 24 as part of Lit Crawl Global Continue reading “Recap: Expo Presents “Unlocking L.A.: Creativity in the Time of Coronavirus” at Lit Crawl L.A.”

Expo Presents: Transposition, The Literary Podcast – Season One

In 2020, Exposition Review kicked off our own literary podcast, Transposition. Following the readings of our Vol. V: “Act/Break” contributors for our issue launch, Transposition has evolved into a full summer series. Laura Rensing, Stage & Screen Editor and founding member of the Editorial Board, has guided us through a comprehensive look at Exposition Review’s other published pieces and authors. With readings from the writers themselves and short interviews to follow, we’ve been able to explore more thoroughly the diverse worlds our contributors have created. After all, Transposition’s title was inspired by the idea “to perform a piece of music in a key other than the one in which it is written” and we are so proud to have brought these works into new forms. As we all close the end of season one, join us in reflecting on this endeavor, and take a deeper dive into all the brilliant work of our contributors!

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Flash 405, August 2020: “Invented Language” Winners

It’s time to share the results of our final Flash 405 contest of this year! 2020 has been a wild, unwieldy, and at times horrifying rollercoaster, but we kicked off this season with “Bright Spot,” and Flash 405 has continued to remain as such for Exposition Review. The winners of 2020 have delighted us, moved us, and connected us in our love of good writing. With “Invented Language,” the winning works took this a step further, exploring the construction and meaning of words themselves to evoke powerful emotion. We are pleased to share those works now, selected by guest judge Rita Bullwinkel.

Read on to discover them for yourself!

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Expo Recommends: The Ones That Got Away


What should I read next? It’s a question we all ask ourselves time and again. Even with the countless essays, novels, screenplays, poems, and transmedia pieces to discover, to fall in love with or to detest, it can be a challenge to choose. Enter Expo Recommends, a curated selection of readings brought to you by the editors of Exposition Review.

Going into our sixth annual issue, we decided to celebrate the work that we have loved but were unable to publish ourselves. It’s one of an editor’s worst nightmares. A piece is submitted to your literary journal that is absolutely perfect, but before you can send out the acceptance, you get a notification from Submittable: “Piece Withdrawn.” Another literary journal got there first. Even though we have sadly had to let pieces go over the years, we are so glad the writers we loved found homes for their pieces!

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Call for Submissions for Volume VI: “Hunger”

Exposition Review is excited to announce the theme for our sixth annual issue: Hunger.

Submissions will be open from September 15–December 15, 2020. We accept work in all forms: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, scripts for stage & screen, experimental narratives, visual art, and comics. We guarantee feedback for all writers that submit before Nov 1 and payment to all contributors.

Read more about the theme and how to submit:

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