Vol. III: “Orbit”Exposition Review Flash 405 2016 Issue

Fiction by Jason S. Dennis, Brian Howlett, Sasanka Jinadasa, Jack Kirne, Cira Davis, Drew Shinozaki • Nonfiction by Glenn Deutsch, Angela Santillo, Sherry Shahan, Renee C. Winter • Poetry by Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, Jessica Beyer, Edwin Bodney, Tresha Haefner, Yessica Klein, Ronald Koertge, Leon Lowder, Fran Markover, Larry Pike, Jen Sage-Robison • Stage & Screen by Orit Ackerman, Charles Leipart, James McLindon, Michelle Sarkany • Experimental Narratives by Janet Kaplan, Mark Stein • Interview with Edwin Bodney • Visual Art & Comics by Val Britton, Melanie Cook, Krystal Meldrum, Leah Oates

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Vol. II: “Surface”Exposition Review Flash 405 2016 Issue

Fiction by Aimee Bender, Laura Bonazzoli, Christina Craigo, David Crist, Robert Kerbeck, Ashley Roque, Phoebe Yeoh • Nonfiction by Maryann Aita, Melanie Kachadoorian • Poetry by Alessandra R. Castellanos, Iris Jamahl Dunkle, Rob Griffith, Brad Johnson, Konstantin Kulakov, Jack Liskin, Michael McLaughlin, MK Punky, Woody Woodger • Stage & Screen by Lena Ford, Arthur Keng, Jonathan Kuhn • Experimental Narratives by Gwen Goodkin, William Powhida • Visual Art & Comics by Shirin Abedinirad, Shawn DePasquale, Sherard Johnson & Whitney Cook, Sarah Meyohas, Nicholas J.J. Smith, Deborah Stevenson

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Flash 405: 2016 IssueExposition Review Flash 405 2016 Issue

Guest Judges Annlee Ellingson, Judith Freeman, Amy Gerstler, Mellinda Hensley, Abigail Mitchell • 1st Place Winners M.A. Jay, Michael Sarabia, Melissa Secola, Mary Wysong-Haeri, Mike Yim • 2nd Place Winners Lisa Beebe, Olivia Parkes, Lisa Renee, Amy Rossi, L.M. Wetzork • Honorable Mention Sam Brighton, Chad V. Broughman, Randall Brown, Genelle Chaconas, Shane Cubis, John Durham, Matthew Fiander, Nicholas Gustavson, Joyce Li, Nina Mamikunian, Raj Ramaswamy, Kayleigh Shoen

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Vol. I: “IX Lives”SCR-2016

Fiction by L Philip Darrow, William Deverell, Sonia Greenfield, Hafeez Lakhani, Conor Teevan • Nonfiction by Stephanie Abraham, Orli Robin, Rebecca Thomas • Poetry by Jonathon Andersen, Ace Boggess, Tyler Gillespie, Robert Jackson, David James, Matthew Kolb, Maja Lukic, Claudia Rankine & John Lucas, Matthew Woodman, Jan Worth-Nelson • Stage & Screen by Michael P. Adams, Jeffrey Lo • Interview with Richard Rayner • Artwork by Frances Stark, Anthony Samaniego, WRDSMTH

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Before Exposition Review, there was the Southern California Review. SCR was the literary journal of the students of the Master of Professional Writing Program at USC. When USC announced that the MPW program would close its doors in 2016, editors both past and present–current students and alumni–came together to find a way to keep the spirit of the journal alive.

Exposition Review is proud of our history and honored to continue on the legacy and tradition of the Master of Professional Writing program and Southern California Review.

Below, you can view the volumes & some of the work published by the editors of Exposition Review:

Vol. VIII: “Remnants”SCR-2015

Fiction by Lisa Alexander, Mark Broeske, Robert Faus, Janet Fitch, Vera Kurian • Nonfiction by Alan Barstow, Katharine Coldiron, Judith Freeman • Poetry by Paul Bone, Clayton Clark, Jonathan Greenhause, Ivan Hobson, David Lehman, David Moolten, Jenny Morse, David Wagoner • Stage & Screen by Julia Cho, Brighde Mullins • Interview with Bernard Cooper • Artwork by Anthony Conover, Bernard Cooper

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Vol. VII: “In Transit”SCR-2014

Fiction by Amy Boulanger, John Brantingham, Dave Hunter, Dana Johnson, Joseph Rathgeber, Susan Levi Wallach • Nonfiction by Catina BacoteTony Barnstone, Lynell George • Poetry by Tony Barnstone, Kevin Craft, Dante DiStefano, Bill Glose, John Grey, Sierra Nelson, James F. Sargent, Ralph Sneeden, Sarah Steinke, Sarah Wainscott • Stage & Screen by Jennifer Maisel, Rebecca Gorman O’Neill • Comics by M. G. Lord, D. C. Simpson, Veronica Vera  • Interview with Susan Orlean • WriteGirl by Gabrielle Gorman, Kira Lazzarini

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Vol. VI: “Control”SCR-2013

Fiction by Jesse Hassenger, Trinie Dalton, Jonathan Danielson, Ilya Leybovich, John Teresi, Diana Wagman, Erika Wurth • Nonfiction by Sven Birkerts, Brenda Miller, Graeme Mullen, Emily Rapp • Poetry by Ian Berry, Ace Boggess, Nan Cohen, Amy Gerstler, Ryan Ridge, David Starkey • Stage & Screen by Jon Robin Baitz • 826LA by Donna Chung, Cas Sotomayor

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Other volumes as the Southern California Review (Vol. I – VIII; 2008 – 2015):


  • David Lehman
  • Sapphire
  • Ron Carlson
  • Jeffrey McDaniel
  • Jay Gueverra
  • Judith Freeman
  • Stephanie Mendel
  • Mark Richard
  • David Wagoner
  • and more!

As the Southern California Anthology (Vol. I – XXVI; 1982 – 2007):


  • John Updike
  • Joyce Carol Oates
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Philip Booth
  • John Rechy
  • Richard Yates
  • Kelly Cherry
  • W.S. Merwin
  • Hubert Selmy Jr.
  • Hayden Carruth
  • Charles Simic
  • Philip Appleman
  • Norman Cousins
  • and more!

You can still purchase many of these SCR and SCA print volumes. Email us at for more information.