Vol. I: “IX Lives”


Vol. I: “IX Lives” is a study in identity; it’s how we change as we grow and learn about the world, the skins we shed or cling to when we transition through the phases of our lives. Whether exploring the human condition, taking a leap into the unknown, or tapping into the supernatural, “IX Lives” encompasses the power we have in ourselves to take control of our destiny and take on a new shape.


Vol. I: “IX Lives”

Letter from the Editors


The Magnolia Lock by L Philip Darrow
Evangel by William Deverell
The Other Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Sonia Greenfield
Jordans by Hafeez Lakhani*
Tokyo Princess by Conor Teevan


After Your Great-Grandmother Tita by Stephanie Abraham*
Twirl by Orli Robin
The Reconstructionists by Rebecca Thomas


Gut Check by Jonathan Andersen
At the Art-Walk Noir Exhibit by Ace Boggess
Dick Pic (a self-portrait) by Tyler Gillespie
Roaming by Robert Jackson
Stop Me If You’ve Heard This by David James
overexposure by Matthew Kolb*
The Future/Revision by Maja Lukic
Video Essay: Situation 6 by Claudia Rankine & John Lucas
Tidal Friction (The Moon Moves from Earth at the Same Speed Our Fingernails Grow) by Matthew Woodman
The Hilarious Funeral in L.A. by Jan Worth-Nelson*

Stage & Screen

Cleaning Crew by Michael P. Adams
Where You’re From by Jeffrey Lo


An Interview with Richard Rayner
What Is Happening? A Curated Collection of the Works of Frances Stark
Artwork by WRDSMTH and Anthony Samaniego


*Pushcart Prize Nominee
†Best of the Net Nominee