Flash 405, February 2018: “Greed” Winners

We opened our 2018 season of Flash 405 with a call to get selfish… or, more accurately, to explore selfishness, and avarice, and all other delightful and horrific forms of “Greed.” Judge Rebecca Luxton said of her theme that “greed is the beginning of so many great narratives,” and the submissions we received definitely reflected that.

Narrowing down these exceptional submissions was no easy feat, but we’re now excited to announce the winners of Flash 405, February 2018: “Greed”!

Judge’s Comments: 

I’ll begin by emphasizing how blown away I was by this many unique and original takes on the topic of Greed.

While I had my own interpretation in mind, all the pieces — and especially the winners and Honorable Mentions — engaged me in all different ways, revealing endless different sides of the same delightfully greedy coin like a room full of funhouse mirrors.

– Rebecca Luxton

Congratulations to the winners! You can read their work (with individual comments from Rebecca) below:

1st Place:

Nixon in Heaven by Evan McMurry (Fiction)

2nd Place:

Tanka (he holds the record) by Tracy Davidson (Poetry)

Honorable Mention:

Killer Dessert by Guy Biederman (Poetry)
Broken by Kristen Olsen (Fiction)
Street Sweeper by Martin Jon Porter (Poetry)

We’re also excited to announce that our next round of Flash 405 will be guest judged by Edwin Bodney, poet and co-host of one of the largest poetry venues in the nation, Da Poetry Lounge. Entries will accepted from April 4–May 5. We’ll post more details soon, so be sure to follow us on social or stay tuned to the Expo Blog!