Killer Dessert

by Guy Biederman

Honorable Mention – Flash 405, February 2018: “Greed”



The cheesecake looked sublime as it made its way across the kitchen floor on the backs
of two ant columns. The cat watched it pass. The dog noticed too and made his move
wiping out the ants and one black spider, but not before the spider bit the dog who fell
dead across the cat, causing a heart attack to the pensioner who’d held off dying knowing
her greedy nephew was already measuring for furniture, himself 82, that old buzzard



Judge’s Comments:
Have you ever considered the life cycle of greed, and how by nature it flits from one person to the next? Once you read this darkly funny piece, you will.

Guy Biederman is a SoCal expat who lives afloat on a houseboat in the San Francisco Bay where he teaches Floating Groove and Writing On The Dock of The Bay workshops. He and his wife Phyllis host Anonymous Pie Salons every New Year’s Day.

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