A Flash of Inspiration at LitFest Pasadena

LitFest Pasadena

The editors of Exposition Review are excited to announce that we are curating a panel discussion and writing event at LitFest Pasadena. We’ve gathered some of our favorite writers, editors, and MPW alumni to bring you writing ideas and inspiration.  If you can’t make it out to Pasadena—and even if you can—tag your questions on Twitter as #AskExpo, and we just might live-tweet back your answer.

The Place:

LitFest will take place in the historic Pasadena Playhouse District! Our panel will be on Vromen’s Paseo.

The Time: 

June 4, 2016 @ 3:15 pm PST.

The Panel:

A Flash of Inspiration: Micro-narratives in Multi-Genre​​ Writing

Following a panel discussion about the art of multi-genre and short form or “flash” writing, t​his experiential panel​ will​ lead into a brief ​​writing exercise​. Using objects as vessels through which thoughts, feelings, senses, and emotions can be translated into language, audience members will be invited to write their own flash narratives.


Janet Fitch (author of White Oleander, Paint It Black), Judith Freeman (author of The Latter Days), Sonia Greenfield (poet, soniagreenfield.com), and Kevin Staniec (executive director of 1888 Center); moderated by Channing Sargent (writer, actor, channingsargent.com).

Please bring:

Attendees are invited to bring their own writing paper/pads, pens​,​ or laptops for a flash writing exercise!

Attendees are also asked to bring an “inspiring” object of their choice. The object may be anything at all, from a trinket or knick-knack to an item of clothing, but preferably small and of no personal significance, as items may be exchanged during the writing exercise. Additional objects will be available.

William Deverell Evangel Exposition ReviewWilliam Deverell Woody Guthrie in LAAs an added bonus, we have a few other friends joining us at LitFest. You may remember William Deverell
from his reading of his fiction piece Evangel at Exposition Review’s launch party back in March. At LitFest, he’ll be discussing the new book Woody Guthrie L.A. 1937 to 1941, which he coauthored and coedited.

Lisa-Beebe Lisa Beebe Flash 405Lisa Beebe, whose fiction piece The Giggle was the second place winner of Amy Gerstler’s “Six Themes” February Flash 405 contest, will moderate a panel: YA Writers: Reports from Inside Publishing’s Growth Industry.

See you there!

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