Expo Recommends: Los Angeles (and Bay Area) Bookstores


Normally, our Expo Recommends tackles the question: What should I read next? But what do you do when you find the perfect book to read? Buy it! And where do you buy it from? Yes, you could turn to your computer or device and order said recommended read at the click of the button, but for any book lover asks, “Where’s the fun in that?” The answer: There isn’t any. That’s why we’ve taken the time to focus on some of our favorite bookstores in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. With this trusty guide, you can not only get the book you’re looking for, but also the experience and “waltz among the pages” to go with it.

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Flash 405, August 2017: “Blue” Winners


Exposition Review is excited to announce the winners of Flash 405, August 2017: “Blue”! For our final 2017 round of Flash 405, guest judges David Lott and Michele Raphael, co-founders and editors of Angels Flight • literary west, called for works that would “take us into who and what we are and what we will become.”

Our winning writers delivered with some amazing pieces that take the reader through several lifetimes of emotion, of joy and pain, both real and imagined. Read on to see what our judges had to say:

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Recap: 2017 Short Play Series


On August 26, we had the pleasure of debuting several new short plays for another #ExpoPresents event, our 2017 Short Play Series. We once again packed the house at the Chromolume Theater in Los Angeles for a special, one-night-only performance of four plays that originally appeared in our 2017 issue,  Vol. II” Surface,” and our 2016 Flash 405 contest.

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Two Writers Walk Into a Bar, Episode 2: Howard Ho

Two Writers Walk Into a Bar is a monthly podcast from Exposition Review where editor and host Mellinda Hensley brings an author to his or her favorite bar in Los Angeles to discuss liquor, L.A., and writing under the influence of both.

Episode 2 is a conversation with playwright Howard Ho about his love for musicals, improv, and a rad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight. Enjoy! Continue reading Two Writers Walk Into a Bar, Episode 2: Howard Ho”

Exposition Review, Vol. II: “Surface” Launch

Exposition Review is excited to announce that Vol. II: “Surface” is now available online!

When we posed the theme “Surface” back in September, we asked writers to submit to narratives that would play with the concepts of perception and self-reflection. We wanted fiction and fact and combinations of the two, and we encouraged writers to explore unconventional ways to tell their with our new experimental narratives category.

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Expo Recommends with Rebecca Luxton


What should I read next? It’s a question we all ask ourselves time and again. Even with the countless essays, novels, screenplays, poems, and transmedia pieces to discover, to fall in love with or to detest, it can be a challenge to choose. Enter Expo Recommends, a curated selection of readings brought to you by the editors of Exposition Review.

This month, we have Expo’s Managing Editor Rebecca Luxton.

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