Deconstructing the Deconstructed

by Mirka Walter

Visual Art




Artist’s Statement

We are living in times when social roles are breaking up and new forms of living with new social norms are emerging and diversifying. With these works, the artist poses the question: Is this deconstruction just the creation of new boxes or a real path to freedom?



Mirka Walter is an emerging visual artist from Cologne, Germany. It was here where she first got in touch with surrealism, as Max Ernst was born in Brühl, a small city close to Cologne. But what especially has been influencing her work and worldview is the feminist surrealism by artists such as Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo. This fascination is connected to Mexico, an entirely surrealist country in so many aspects, where the artist lived for two years. What Walter wants to capture is the beauty, banality, and brutality of the everyday, the human body in motion as well as a surreal and fantastic representation of the natural world. The artist’s favorite materials are watercolor in all its expressions and ink. The artist also holds a great love for collage and papercut artwork.

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