I Pencil Grieving You in My Planner

by Bree Bailey



(Plain Text Version)



Bree Bailey (she/her) is a Latine mom and poet who lives in Southern Austin, Texas, with her beautiful family. She is a mental health advocate who speaks openly about her experiences with PTSD, depression, and anxiety, while also doing her best to bask in the light and good of the world. Her poems have been featured in All My Relations, Sledgehammer Lit, Ample Remains, Olney Magazine, Serotonin, Wrongdoing Magazine, and West Trade Review, and are forthcoming in Gulf Stream Magazine, among others. She was most recently named a finalist in the Write Bloody Jack McCarthy National Book Prize. When not celebrating her friends’ publications or slam events in real life, you can find her on Zoom dancing and smiling like your biggest fan. Follow her on Instagram @breebaileypoetry or Twitter at @thebreebailey.

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