Selected Photographs

by Edwin Perez Osuna





Artist’s Statement

As a Zapotec fine art photographer from the borderlands of Tucson, Arizona, I utilize an exploration- and observational-based approach to create photographs in real-time settings. Whenever I venture through or explore a new area, I often see my surroundings as a large canvas that represents the possibility of capturing the essence and authenticity of everyday life. I was born and raised in a community along the U.S.-Mexico border and witnessed the rise of xenophobic sentiments, along with harmful depictions of our southern border and of the Mexican population in mass media. A defining principle of my photographic practice is to counter these dehumanizing narratives by emphasizing the complexity and resilience that is found in the lives of individuals in contemporary Mexican communities.



Edwin Perez Osuna is an independent visual artist and filmmaker whose work explores the perception of space, time, and reality in the southwest borderlands. He is currently exploring the art practice of field and acoustic ecology sound recordings. In his undergraduate career, he was a Latin American studies major at the University of Arizona where he gained a deep appreciation for art and culture.

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