Habits and/or Vices

by Kristen Huizar

Visual Art


Kristen Huizar, “Habits and/or Vices,” 2022. Ink on paper, 45 x 36 inches


Artist’s Statement

This piece is an exploration of coping mechanisms and the challenge of distinguishing between healthy habit and vice. I used line to not only create a graphic quality, but also submerge the figure into the environment. There is little line weight variation because I wanted the ink lines to be bold, to show the repetition of line as a reflection of obsessiveness and ritual.



Kristen Huizar is an artist born and raised in Commerce, California, who is currently pursuing her BFA in Drawing & Painting at California State University, Long Beach. Inspired by Latin American feminist art, Los Angeles, and current events, Huizar’s work explores feminism, political commentary, mental health, and identity. She works with ink, wax pastels, acrylic paint, and graphite on a variety of surfaces. The texture and surfaces she uses as ground encompass what makes up her environment; whether it be Post-its, the street, brown packaging paper, or scraps, it is all a part of living in L.A.

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