“Lines” Literary Prize Nominations

At Exposition Review, our mission is to continue to create opportunities for our ever-growing community of talented writers and artists to share their voices and grow their platforms. This is why every year we submit some of our strongest published work for a variety of prestigious literary awards and anthologies. We are proud to present our nominees from our “Lines” issue for the following awards:

Pushcart Prize

The Pushcart Prize is one of the most honored awards in the literary world, with the winning pieces published in an annual anthology. We are excited to present this group of writers from our “Lines” issue for inclusion in Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses collection:

Fiction: Sidewalks by Sasha Hom
Fiction: Lift and Carry by Leslie Maslow
Nonfiction: Glass by Keegan Lawler
Poetry: Praise Song for the Cow Loose on Route 16 Going the Right Way by James King
Poetry: September by Renée Lepreau
Poetry: First Generation by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

Best of the Net

Best of the Net from Sundress Publications is an annual anthology that celebrates online publications and works originally published online. When selecting our nominees, we think of our favorite pieces that recognize and embrace the opportunities of digital media, experimenting with form, genre, and content. From “Lines,” we nominated these pieces:

Fiction: Very-Smart™ Lyrics: ‘Crazy Paving’ by Rutherford Bee Haze by Zac Picker
The Wobble by Max Tachis
Nonfiction: At Twelve Years Old, I Draft a New Custody Agreement by Ariel M. Goldenthal
The Recruit by Angela Miyuki Mackintosh
Poetry: The Movies, 2021 by Paige Ackerson-Kiely
Poetry: I Pencil Grieving You Into My Planner
by Bree Bailey
Poetry: Perfect Dark
by Lisa Eve Cheby
These Tenuous Things by Cassie McDaniel
Poetry: SYNERGY, a golden shovel by tangie mitchell
Poetry: This Is Not Our Star by Margaret Saigh
Art/Comics: Supply Chain by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin
Art/Comics: Habits and/or Vices by Kristen Huizar
Art/Comics: Poetry Comics by David Lasky

The Best Small Fictions

The Best Small Fictions is the first-ever contemporary anthology dedicated solely to anthologizing the best internationally published short hybrid fiction in a given calendar year. The collection features the best microfiction, flash fiction, haibun stories, and prose poetry from around the world. Here are our 2023 nominees from our “Lines” issue and Flash 405 contests:

Best Microfiction

The Best Microfiction anthology series recognizes outstanding literary stories of 400 words or fewer. We nominated this piece from our flash fiction section in our “Lines” issue (and are delighted that it was selected!):

Our Mothers by L Mari Harris

Nina Riggs Poetry Award

Each year, Cave Wall Press awards at least one poet for the finest writing that examines relationships, family, or domestic life in order to honor poet Nina Riggs, author of The Bright Hour and Lucky Lucky. Because poems published in journals and books during the previous three years are eligible for The Nina Riggs Poetry Award, we dove into some back issues and revisited a few favorites. Our 2023 poetry nominees are:

September by Renée Lepreau
These Tenuous Things by Cassie McDaniel
First Generation by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha
Touching Myself While Pregnant by Marianne Chan
Stasha by Stella Reed
Dear Family In America, by Nick Zelle

The Robert Siegel Prize

An extension of Porlock poetry magazine, The Robert Siegel Prize, named after the poet, novelist, and teacher, aims to combine elements of Best American Poetry, the Pushcart Prize, and the Forward Prizes without confining entrants to the U.S. or the U.K. and Ireland. Here are the poems Expo submitted from “Lines”:

The O. Henry Prize

The O. Henry Prize is the oldest major prize for short fiction in America and seeks to provide a prominent platform for short story writers from all around the world and at all points in their careers. The winners’ stories are collected and published annually by Anchor Books. Expo shared the fiction section from our “Lines” issue for consideration:

The Best American series

The Best American series is a premier annual showcase for the country’s finest short fiction and nonfiction. Expo was honored to share the following pieces for consideration in the anthologies this year:

Short Stories

Theseus by Ishan Dylan
Sidewalks by Sasha Hom
Lift and Carry by Leslie Maslow
In the Morning, I Hear Singing … by Lio Min
The Wobble by Max Tachis


Glass by Keegan Lawler
The Recruit by Angela Miyuki Mackintosh

Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Wobble by Max Tachis

PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers

The PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers recognizes a dozen emerging writers for their debut short stories published in literary magazines, journals, or cultural websites, and aims to support the launch of their careers as fiction writers. Expo was thrilled to be able to nominate two pieces that were their authors’ first published works:

Theseus by Ishan Dylan
The Wobble by Max Tachis

Congratulations to our nominees! For our readers, we hope you will take a few extra moments to dive or reimmerse yourself into these wonderful works.