Expo’s 2017 Literary Prize Nominations


When we set out to publish Exposition Review’s “IX Lives” issue, our first online issue, we knew there was a world of opportunity before us. As our journal evolved, we leaned into the digital space and opened up to new ways of sharing narratives—such as Claudia Rankine and John Lucas’s incredibly powerful and timely “Situation 6” Video Essay.

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Recap: Southern California Poetry Festival


Earlier this month Exposition Review had the pleasure of being invited to host a panel & micro-workshop at the first annual Southern California Poetry Festival, held in partnership with the Poetry Foundation.  The topic of the day was Bending Boundaries: How Hybrid Poems Cross Genres, featuring multi-genre writers and artists discussing everything from.

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Join Exposition Review at SoCal Poetry Festival for Signature Panel/Workshop

Southern California Poetry Festival Exposition ReviewExposition Review is delighted to announce that we will be hosting one of our signature panels/micro-workshops at the 2016 Southern California Poetry Festival. Organized by Expo contributor Sonia Greenfield and Donna Hilbert in partnership with the Poetry Foundation, SoCalPoFest is an annual poetry event. This year, it takes place at the Long Beach Aquarium on the weekend of September 10-11. For the inaugural launch, the literary gathering features readers hosted by literary organizations, local presses, and local literary journals, including yours truly.

Read on for all the details!

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Expo Recommends with Mellinda Hensley


What should I read next? It’s a question we all ask ourselves time and again. Even with the countless essays, novels, screenplays, poems, and transmedia pieces to discover, to fall in love with or to detest, it can be a challenge to choose. Enter Expo Recommends, a curated selection of readings brought to you by the editors of Exposition Review.

This month, we have Expo’s Fiction and Managing Editor and Flash 405 “Fault” judge, Mellinda Hensley.

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