Untitled Series

by Dmitry Borshch

Visual Art




Artist’s Statement

Dmitry Borshch’s fragmentary compositions or, as he sometimes calls them, body-part images relate to drawing manuals that were printed in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe. “I didn’t learn to draw from those manuals—my first independent series of drawings was abstract and influenced by Constructivism—but they had an influence on collages I make now. … Detached from religious, philosophical controversies of that time, by which these manuals were influenced, and art pedagogy then fashionable, my collages help me to essentialize their subjects, bare the not-readily-understood way they act through depiction of meaningful, striking gestures and vivid expressions.”

– Excerpted from “Drawing Bodies and Passions of the Soul” on ArtifixDaily



Dmitry Borshch was born in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, studied in Moscow, and today lives in New York. His works have been exhibited at Russian American Cultural Center (New York), HIAS (New York), Consulate General of the Russian Federation (New York), Lydia Schukina Psychology Institute (Moscow), Contemporary Art Centers (Voronezh, Almaty), and Museums of Contemporary Art (Poltava, Lviv).

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