I Keep Looking for You






Artists’ Statement

Contextualized by a search for interpersonal connection, I Keep Looking for You appraises fluctuations of memory, desire, and voyeurism. Flickering light and color pose questions: In what ways might someone or something occupy our mental and emotional spaces? In what ways has human connection become gamified? How do we signal our feelings, and can we be sure our signals will be understood the way we intend?

I Keep Looking for You, 2022
Words and animation by Briget Heidmous
Drawing by Jessy Randall
Watercolor painting, digital animation, and type, .mp4



ARTARIANICA is the collaborative effort of Jessy Randall and Briget Heidmous. Generally, Jessy writes words and Briget draws. Sometimes, as here, this intergenerational team swaps roles. ARTARIANICA is a made-up word uniting the artists’ shared delight for experimental art, language, and the value of archives.

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