Call for Submissions for Volume VI: “Hunger”

Exposition Review is excited to announce the theme for our sixth annual issue: Hunger.

Submissions will be open from September 15–December 15, 2020. We accept work in all forms: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, scripts for stage & screen, experimental narratives, visual art, and comics. We guarantee feedback for all writers that submit before Nov 1 and payment to all contributors.

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Hunger, at its core, is a need driven by a deep and unrelenting desire. It requires an ache to satiate or itch to scratch — something that we often give ourselves to. In our day-to-day, hunger can be the simple act of needing to eat or the more complex drive towards success, change, or power. It fuels both the prey and predator.

Let’s be clear though: hunger is a suffering often not chosen and the value of which could be interpreted in many ways. From spiritual fasts to hunger strikes to systemic global crises or even the work it takes to become a champion, it is an unconscious force that defines our narratives.

For Vol VI, we are hungering for work that explores this theme and all of the conflicts that arise when need opposes the status quo. What are we as people — or our characters — willing to do to get what we need? What happens when you have always lived with the absence of a basic necessity — when hunger is unavoidable and imposed upon you? Alternatively, who are you if you have always been satisfied? Does hunger ever truly go away or does it appear again in the forms of lust, greed, or gluttony? Make it visceral. Make it visual. Make it an anthem. Make it shine bright on the page so a reader is pulled in and leaves feeling that same craving that drives you to create and make art happen.

For all submissions received before November 1, 2020, we guarantee personalized feedback. All accepted work will receive $35.00 USD as payment. Free submission days will be on November 3 (Election Day), December 1 (Giving Tuesday), and December 10 (Human Rights Day).

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Editorial Team

Editors-in-Chief: Lauren Gorski & Mellinda Hensley

Section Editors:
Fiction Editor: Jessica June Rowe
Nonfiction Editor: Ramona Pilar
Poetry Editor: CD Eskilson
Stage & Screen Editor: Laura Rensing
Visual Art Editor: Brianna J.L. Smyk
Experimental Editor: Rebecca Luxton

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