Vol. II: “Surface” Submissions Extended


This year has been one for the books—but unfortunately, not one we’ve enjoyed (#ExpoDoesNOTRecommend). We’ve all indulged in a few “wallowing days,” days spent on the sofa unable to get up or too hungover to write because of sorrows drowned the night before.

But part of our job as writers is to reflect on times of trouble and tell our stories to the world. So in the dying days of this difficult year, we’re giving you another chance to get it together and submit.

That’s right, Expo’s Vol. II: “Surface” submissions have been extended until the very end of the year. You now have until midnight December 31, 2016, to send us your finest fiction, nonfiction, poetry, stageplays, screenplays, art, photography, and experimental narratives.

For all the details about our submission guidelines click here or check out our Submittable page:

Good luck!