Welcome to Exposition Review!


Welcome to Exposition Review, a multi-genre, independent literary journal brought to you by the former editors of Southern California Review.

To quote T.S. Eliot: “What we call the beginning is often the end/And to make an end is to make a beginning./The end is where we start from.”

When the students of University of Southern California’s Master of Professional Writing program found out that the school had decided to terminate our beloved program, we were devastated. But we spent the next three years working with our faculty, cultivating our writing communities, and of course, publishing MPW’s student-run literary journal, Southern California Review.

As our program entered its final year, the last editorial staff of the Southern California Review, along with MPW students, alumni, faculty and community, came together to make sure that this axis of our literary fellowship would not fall to the same fate as our program. With USC’s “Trojan spirit” in mind, we picked up where we left off, opened submissions, and thus, Exposition Review was born.

We have already enjoyed reading hundreds of fiction, creative nonfictionpoetry, short dramatic forms for stage & screen, comics, and art & photography submissions and are so excited to share Vol. I: “IX Lives,” our first issuewhat would’ve been Volume IX of SCRwith you in March.

In the meantime, our digital platform allows us to expand our horizons beyond anything we would’ve dreamed as SCR. We’ve already introduced our Flash 405 competition, which will open its next round in February 2016, with celebrated poet Amy Gerstler as guest judge.

Along with our new issue, you can also look forward to podcasts, literary columns, and many more innovative ventures from us.

Our goal is to serve you: our readers, our contributors, and our writers. We, like our MPW program, want to be a hub of the literary community in Los Angeles, Southern California, and beyond, and we, like you, are writers and lovers of all things literary.

Take a tour of our site, or send us an email with any questions. For our latest news, publications, and call for submissions, follow us on…

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