Flash 405, August 2017: “Blue” Winners


Exposition Review is excited to announce the winners of Flash 405, August 2017: “Blue”! For our final 2017 round of Flash 405, guest judges David Lott and Michele Raphael, co-founders and editors of Angels Flight • literary west, called for works that would “take us into who and what we are and what we will become.”

Our winning writers delivered with some amazing pieces that take the reader through several lifetimes of emotion, of joy and pain, both real and imagined. Read on to see what our judges had to say:

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Call for Entries! Flash 405, August 2017: “Blue” with Angels Flight • literary west


Here it is, folks, your last chance to enter your short form writing in our multi-genre Flash 405 writing contest until 2018! Offering you a chance to win cash prizes and online publication, we’ll be accepting entries in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and stage & screen for our next round from August 4–September 5, 2017, via Submittable. This round has not one but two guest judges, fellow USC alumni David Lott and Michele Raphael, co-founders of another LA-based lit mag (and salon series) Angels Flight • literary west.

Read on to get inspiration on this month’s theme straight from your guest judges:

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Flash 405, February 2017, “Monster” Winners


For our first Flash 405 contest of 2017, judge and Expo editor Lauren Gorski asked for short form narratives that explored “the abnormal, deviations from the acceptable, the outsiders”—and you delivered, with a “monster” number of submissions! From February 4 to March 5, we broke another Flash 405 record for most entries, receiving almost 100 submissions!

Among these entries were stories that scared us, thrilled us, and softened us to the gentle monster within. Lauren wanted “the emotion of Quasimodo compacted to 405 words. The violence of Grendel in 4-5 lines. The conviction of John Proctor in 4-5 pages.” We think she got it. The winners that emerged were able to deftly weave emotion, ugliness, and horror to create very human, but no less memorable monsters. Read on to discover them for yourself!

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Call for Entries! Flash 405, June 2016: “Metamorphosis” with Judith Freeman


As Expo prepares for our “Flash of Inspiration” panel at LitFest Pasadena, we are excited to announce that one of the panelists, Judith Freeman, will be the guest judge for our June 2016 round of Flash 405!

Flash 405 is a multi-genre flash competition, awarding prizes and online publication to the winners. Entries for this round will be accepted from June 4-July 5, 2016 via Submittable.

The full rules (and past winners) are available here . Read on for the June 2016 theme and details. Good luck!
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