Expo’s 2018 Literary Prize Nominations


As we read submissions for our “Orbit” issue, it’s natural that we judge any new piece against those from our previous issue. Vol. II: “Surface” was our strongest issue yet, and we were proud to share such a diverse collection of powerful, unique narratives in multiple and even hybrid genres. A few of those pieces, however, shined exceptionally bright, and we now recognize those works by putting them forward for consideration for several prestigious literary prizes.

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Expo’s 2017 Literary Prize Nominations


When we set out to publish Exposition Review’s “IX Lives” issue, our first online issue, we knew there was a world of opportunity before us. As our journal evolved, we leaned into the digital space and opened up to new ways of sharing narratives—such as Claudia Rankine and John Lucas’s incredibly powerful and timely “Situation 6” Video Essay.

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