Pushcart Prize Nominations


The Pushcart Prize is an award for the best short stories, poems, and essays in small literary journals and magazines. With such amazing pieces present in SCR’s Vol. VIII, “Remnants,” we’re delighted to announce the nomination of three of our contributors:

While we are proud of every piece we publish, these works especially inspired us to be better writers and readers.

Our warmest congratulations to our nominees: Vera Kurian for “Whatever Happened to the Six Wives of Henry the VIII”; Alan Barstow for “Nightfeeding”; and Jonathan Greenhause for “Living in Suspension.” We look forward to seeing what these writers do in the future and are excited to participate in Pushcart.

– Lauren Gorski and Mellinda Hensley
Editors-in-Chief, Volume VIII, “Remnants”

NightfeedingNight Sky, Joshua Tree National Park


Nonfiction: Nightfeeding by Alan Barstow


WaitingRoom2Waiting Room, Anthony Conover


Poetry: Living in Suspension by Jonathon Greenhause


sixwivesCircle of Richard Burchett, Wives of Henry VIII, 1854-1860. Parlimentary Art Collection.


Fiction: Whatever Happened to the Six Wives of Henry the VIII by Vera Kurian