Composition: ‘Reach’ Is Now Available

We are proud to announce the publication of the second issue of our chapbook, Composition: Reach. Like its predecessor, Rearview, Reach is the brainchild of an Expo intern—this time, Ashley Moon. It contains selected flash fiction from our past Flash 405 writing contests and visual art from our annual issues. As Chapbook Editor, Moon curated a collection of art constructed from different media and then selected Flash 405 fiction pieces to act as bridges linking one artwork to the next.

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Composition: ‘Rearview’ Chapbook Now Available

We are overjoyed to announce the launch of Composition: Rearview, a chapbook of selected poetry and nonfiction works from our past Flash 405 contests. Leo Smith, Chapbook Editor, curated this collection in celebration of former Flash 405 finalists and the work that Exposition Review publishes. While this chapbook centers its content around various types of relationships, future iterations of Composition will explore other themes and genres. The art of composition felt necessary to include in our title—reconstructing pieces to form a new, full body of work has been an experimental and rewarding process.

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