Lost Archive Series & City Scraps

by Fabio Sassi



Artist’s Statement

Italian statistical data says that we receive about sixty pounds of unsolicited direct mail each year. City Scraps is about possible ways to be creative with the ads we receive. With my old pasta maker, I made a large amount of fresh paper tagliatelle and photographed it.

The Lost Archive series was taken in a recycling center. It’s about what paper has always meant to me and my response to it: the sight, the smell, the handling. The appeal of paper goes even further when it is cut and baled making a magical mix of shapes.



Fabio Sassi makes photos and acrylics using whatever is considered to have no worth by the mainstream. He often puts a quirky twist to his subjects or employs an unusual perspective that gives a new angle of view. Fabio lives in Bologna, Italy, and his work can be viewed at www.fabiosassi.foliohd.com.

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