Green With Enby

by Allison Fradkin

Winner – Flash 405, February 2021: “Your Digital Stories”
Virtual Play

Flash 405, February 2021: Your Digital Stories - Virtual play by Allison Fradkin


Green with Enby by Allison Fradkin - Flash contest winner from Our Digital Stories



Judge’s Comments:
The piece has an insatiable curiosity about language and queerness (and the convergence of the two) that permeates the piece. Every little twist was a delightful surprise, and the relationship between Gene and Aline was tender and strong.

Allison Fradkin delights in applying her Women’s & Gender Studies education to the creation of stories for the stage and the page that (sur)pass the Bechdel Test. An enthusiast of inclusivity and accessibility, Fradkin freelances for her hometown of Chicago as Literary Manager of Violet Surprise Theatre, curating new works by queer women; and as Dramatist for Special Gifts Theatre, adapting scripts for actors of all abilities.

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Photo Credit: Cody Chan