The staff members of Exposition Review are the coolest kids on the block–masters of many genres; readers of many, many pages. Our editors and readers are all volunteers and dedicate a crazy amount of time to bring this journal to life.

At the beginning of each reading period, new Editors-in-Chief and Section Editors are chosen from the managing editors pool to lend their voices and visions to the next issue.



Lauren Gorski & Mellinda Hensley

Section Editors:
Fiction Editor: Jessica June Rowe
Nonfiction Editor: Annlee Ellingson
Poetry Editor: CD Eskilson
Stage & Screen Editor: Laura Rensing
Experimental Editor: Rebecca Luxton
Visual Art Editor: Brianna J.L. Smyk
Associate Editors:
Blaine Bolibol
Dave Gregory
Abigail Mitchell
Sarah Smith Narhi
Cayce J. Osborne
‘Aolani Robinson
Channing Sargent


Annlee Ellingson

Annlee Ellingson is the nonfiction editor of Exposition Review. At her day job she writes about entertainment and technology and reviews movies for L.A. Biz. She’s a mentor for WriteGirl and book manager for the anthology This Moment: Bold Voices from WriteGirl, as well as treasurer of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. She holds a Master of Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California and a B.A. in film studies from the University of Minnesota. She tweets and instagrams about books, movies, hiking, food, travel, and nephews at @annleee.

CD Eskilson

CD Eskilson is Poetry Editor for Exposition Review. Their work appears or is forthcoming in the Cortland ReviewYes PoetryTeen VogueAfter the Pause, the Cardiff Review, and Butter, among others. They are an attendee of Winter Tangerine’s NYC Workshop, the Speakeasy Project, and a scholarship recipient from the New York State Summer Writers Institute. Born and raised in Southern California, CD lives in Los Angeles and drinks too much coffee.

Lauren Gorski

Lauren Gorski is the Co-Editor-in-Chief and on the Editorial Board of Exposition Review. She has a Master’s in Professional Writing from USC, with emphasis in Stage & Screen. Her fiction and poetry have been featured in apt, Badlands, Jersey Devil Press, Underground Voices, and elsewhere. Her plays have been featured on stage with Playground-SF, Piano Fight, Playground LA, Athena Cats, and the Hollywood Fringe Festival. She is currently a playwright-in-residence with Playground-SF. Besides the literary community, Lauren serves on the National Board of Directors for Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE), a mentorship program that pairs college women with at-risk middle school girls. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mellinda Hensley

Mellinda Hensley is the Co-Editor-in-Chief for Exposition Review and has previously acted as Expo’s Stage & Screen editor. She currently works at CBS as a writer on The Young and the Restless and loves directing shorts—one of which has screened at the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, Austin Micro Short Film Festival, and others. She is currently working to produce her first co-written feature. She loves good wine, bad movies, and her pets Pixie and Nellie.

RebeccaLuxtonRebecca Luxton

Rebecca Luxton is the Experimental Editor of Exposition Review and worked on the Southern California Review while completing her Master of Professional Writing at USC. Now she’s a marketing professional with a love for all things experimental. Favorite authors: a rotating cast who currently include Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mary Gaitskill, Stephen King and the late Joe Frank for his exceptional radio storytelling work. Follow her on Instagram @therebeccamarielle.

Laura Rensing

Laura Rensing is a writer and performer who occasionally has difficulty distinguishing fact from her pet fire-breathing dragon.  After graduating from UC Irvine with dual degrees in Drama and Comparative Literature, Laura has continued to balance the literary and performing arts.  She has performed around Los Angeles while working at a literary agency, an independent poetry press, and an academic publishing company, all while competing (and occasionally winning) aerial competitions.  In 2020, Laura will trade the Pacific Ocean for Lake Michigan, and attend Northwestern’s Masters in Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises.

Jessica June Rowe

Jessica June Rowe is the Fiction Editor of Exposition Review (Vol. V) and former Editor-in-Chief of Exposition Review (Vol. I-IV). She’s also a writer, editor, and producer whose writing has appeared in Noble/Gas Qtrly, Pidgeonholes, Timber Journal, and The Best of Playground-LA, among others; she was a Best of the Net nominee (2017) and received Honorable Mention in the New Millennium Writings 33rd Short-Short Story Award. Her short plays have appeared on stage at the Zephyr Theatre, Broadwater Theatre, and Lounge Theatre in Los Angeles. She also really loves chai lattes. Follow her on Twitter @willwrite4chai

BriannaJLSmykBrianna J.L. Smyk

Brianna J.L. Smyk is the Visual Art Editor of Exposition Review and has served as Co-Editor-in-Chief (Vol. I & II) and Experimental Narratives Editor (Vol. III & IV) of Exposition Review as well as the Nonfiction Editor (Vol. VIII) and Associate Editor (Vol. VII) of the Southern California Review. She is an art and communication consultant who holds a Master of Professional Writing (MPW/MFA) degree from USC and a Master of Arts in Art History from San Diego State University. Her short fiction has been published or is forthcoming in The Human Touch JournalDrunk MonkeysThe Same and FORTH. Find out more about Brianna on Twitter: @briannasmyk.

DavidLUlinDavid L. Ulin

David L. Ulin is Editor-at-Large of Exposition Review and the author or editor of nine books, including Sidewalking: Coming to Terms with Los Angeles, the novella Labyrinth, The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time, and the Library of America’s Writing Los Angeles: A Literary Anthology, which won a California Book Award. A 2015 Guggenheim Fellow, he is the former book critic and book editor of the Los Angeles Times.


Associate Editors